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Let us know what type of cake and how many people to server what size cake do you need
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Our cake flavours.we have many variety let us know which flavours required.
We have a wide range of cake decorating supplies for all occasions from birthdays and weddings to christenings and anniversaries we create for you full decorations


Munch & Crunch company based in London. We focus on sending delicious, edible treats to people and companies across the London.

We pride ourselves on having items that taste great and are of the highest quality. We won't put up with anything else.

We'll also make sure you get only top service from us. Rest assured that you will receive only the highest levels of care both before and after you make a purchase. You won't end up with hidden surprises as everything is included (even delivery costs) Hopefully our website is as user-friendly as they come and we can promise you that it's as secure as we can make it.

Munch & Crunch specailise in the Cake and customer can Order Online by simply fill the form .

Our Cake

Birthday Cake Price

Size Fresh CreamIcingEgglessPicture
8 Inch £20£25£25£5
10 Inch£30£40£40£10
12 Inch£40£50£50£10
14 Inch£55£65£65£10
16 Inch£70£90£90£10
18 Inch£90£125£125£10
20 Inch£135£155£155£10

Cake for you to Try


Sarah S
Football cake

fabulous football cake...looked amazing & tasted great. My 11 year old loved it.

Saima D
Single figure

The cake looked better than what we imagined-it tasted even better- the service was fantastic (as always.) Thank you- helped make the birthday even more special and certainly more memorable!

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  • Mon - Sat : 8AM - 7PM
  • Sunday: 8AM - 5PM
  • Address: 141, Penge High Street,
    SE20 7DS